Passport & Visa

You require a valid passport from your country & India Visa from an Indian mission abroad to enter in the country. To push inbound tourism, In 2014 Government announced e-visa/visa on arrival policy for many countries. For more information on visa & related documents, we request you to contact your local Indian mission/India embassy. Citizen of Nepal & Bhutan do not require visas. Or visit abroad.htm


Climate of India :

Commonly; India climate is tropical wet & dry. December-February is the cold season & March-May is hot season in India. The rainy season start from June till September. The season of retreating south west monsoon October & November.


Health requirements

Yellow fever – Vaccination certificate require if arriving from infected area. Cholera/Typhoid – Inoculation recommended.

Malaria –No certificate require but advisable to have a course of pills.



The Rupee – It is divided into 100 paise. Currency code – INR. Credit Cards – Most of the hotels, restaurants, and shops accept major credit card such as American express, Master & Visa Card and Diners club.



Hindi & English are the official language of India. However in total there are 15 major languages & more than 500 dialects spoken in India. (note: we always ensure to paired our guests with our tour guide who can speak their language)


Advisable note

– Please always drink bottled water which is easily available at every hotel& local shops

– Please do not encourage beggars and take the help of our guide to deal with road side shops

– Always take hygienic food while in India. Please take our advice for choosing restaurant/food point.

– It is usual to tip driver, assistant, waiter and other people who are depends on tourism activity


We wish you a pleasant stay in India!