5 Best Resorts for the Skiing Adventurers in Europe

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February 17, 2018

5 Best Resorts for the Skiing Adventurers in Europe

5 Best Resorts for the Skiing Adventurers in Europe

Europe is a lovely destination that urges winter sport lovers from all over the world to take a tour across some of its most intriguing vacation spots. Blessed with a great charm, the magical Alps, and loaded with famous ski resorts, Europe offers a larger than life experience to holidaymakers. One of the most common features for which Europe is applauded is its unparalleled skiing destinations. Some of the illustrious destination which has bewitched the hearts of vacationers, adventure lovers, and honeymooners are:

Chamonix, France

In Charmonix, which is situated in the French Alps & suitable for the most enthusiastic adventurers and the professional ones, you can avail the most challenging tracks for skiing. The Winter Olympic Games were played for the first time here. Since the 18th century, this wonderful place has provided the people the enjoyment from where the highest mountain of the Alps named Mont Blanc can be spotted. Besides enjoying the skiing here, the adventurers can explore the 2 things, i.e. the frozen cave and the glaciers. It is the Ski-Center, which has something to offer to every visitor.

Courchevel, France

Courchevel, France, where several instructors for teaching the people of every age are available, is one of those spots suitable for the newcomers and beginners. This place, which has, for the mightiest adventurers, night skiing offers on many locations, flying tours with planes and helicopters as lessons of ice-skating for the professionals, has many tracks for every level and the adventurers can take it slow on every pause till expertise. Cooking classes from Michelin Star Chefs are held for the people preferring safety.


Alagna, Italy

Alagna, which is situated in the Northern part of Italy on the Southern side of the ice-capped mountain named Monte Rosa, is a very small place having a population of till 400 people. Once being under the territory of Germany, the place, where people come to get relief with a bit less adrenaline skiing, with its soft paths suitable for an excellent ride, looks like today. This place has one extreme track, making people wild and leading to the places for free-ride as well as beautiful glimpses, mass of snow and several small villages.


Zermatt, Switzerland

This is the place, where the ski season lasts for 365 days all the year round. Located nearby, there’re more than 60 restaurants, which offer tourists to cheese-making fabrics, ski safari or visiting the glacier near by, are suitable to provide relaxation from skiing to the sport lovers. Everybody must visit the human made cave of this place.


Kitzbuhel, Austria

Situated in Tirol, Kitzbuhel, Austria, which is one of the best places of the Winter Season, has kept offering the fun of Skiing for the tourists for more than a hundred years. As the World Ski Cup is right here, so this place is very busy during a race or anything. This little city can leave one breathless, who is a nature lover, and it provides a great program of family for every member.




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